Red Carpet Treatment

One of the things that sets our organization apart from most is that our clients are not just income streams, they are VIPs and treated like family. At Sawtelle Financial Management, we have carefully constructed a service-oriented process that focuses on the uniqueness of everyone that comes through our office.

We believe true value comes from exceeding a client’s expectations and to do that, we lay out the red carpet treatment with three main focuses in mind—communication, understanding, and trust. This sets the foundation for a long-lasting relationship with our clients that leads to much more than just achieving their financial goals.

Our Service Consists of:


From the moment you become a client with our welcome package to constant communication at least every 90 days, our clients know that we are here to listen and commit to their financial success. We strive to reach out at least four times a year to check up on our clients, provide portfolio updates, retirement analyses, strategy discussions to maximize personal opportunities, and ensure that every client is thriving financially, professionally, and personally. Every client receives a written financial plan, if wanted with annual or bi-annual updates.  Areas covered are: Risk Management, Health Care, maximizing Social Security benefits, college education, cash flow, etc. Please see p ? for the full service explanation in detail.


We know how difficult the market can be to understand so we take extra care in sending our clients information in an easy-to-read and practical way. On the other end of the spectrum, we take time to sit down with each client to get to know their personal goals beyond financial means. Do you have a goal for where you want to be in your career in 5-10 years? Do you want to start settling down to be more involved in your children’s lives? Are you moving to a new city or country? These are just a few of the things we hear from our clients and we devote ourselves to being present in a client’s life to obtain the big picture of a client’s life goals.


Technical skills can only take you so far in the financial world and our office understands this. A client needs much more from a financial advisor to ensure that their livelihood, and their families, is well taken care of. Our team stays actively involved in each client’s affairs and nothing is more important to us than being there for you when you need us. We want each client to confidently live their lives knowing that their money is in good hands, so we make ourselves available to every client by phone, email, and in-person at all times.